USP Water for Injection

USP Water for Injection

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From: £669.50

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Why Buy USP Water for Injection from ReAgent?

ReAgent is a well-established chemical manufacturer with over 40 years’ experience that can meet all of your USP Water for Injection requirements. We are accredited to a number of ISO standards, including the ISO 9001 Quality Management System, which ensures that our products are always manufactured to the highest standards.

Customer satisfaction is of utmost importance at ReAgent. Contact us today to discuss your technical requirements and for free technical advice, or to talk through your USP Water for Injection needs. Our expert team is on hand to help you throughout and even after your purchase.


About USP Water for Injection

USP Water for Injection is water prepared from water that complies with drinking water regulations. The purifying process removes impurities from this water using a blend of ion exchange, reverse osmosis, filtration to 0.2 micron and UV treatment.

USP Water for Injection is a grade of water which meets the requirements of the United States Pharmacopoeia (USP), an internationally-recognised standard whose specification guarantees a particular quality level. Other internationally-recognised standards include EP (European Pharmacopoeia), BP (British Pharmacopoeia), and JP (Japanese Pharmacopoeia). ReAgent also supplies EP Water.

At ReAgent, we have carried out a validation of the purification process to ensure that the water produced meets with the requirements specified by the USP. We also test the purified water on an ongoing basis in order to ensure that the system is continuously producing water that meets the requirements of the USP.


Properties of USP Water for Injection

Grades of water differ slightly, but all water produced to USP standards is low in impurities such as heavy metals, nitrates, chlorides, and sulphates. It will also meet particular conductivity and pH specifications.

USP Water for Injection has to comply with the specification as prescribed in the USP Monograph for the specific grade of water supplied.

USP Water for Injection also meets a bacterial endotoxin specification. The equipment and procedures we use at ReAgent are designed to control microbial contamination and remove endotoxins from our source water. We also store and package the water accordingly.


Applications of USP Water for Injection

Different grades of water are suitable for different pharmaceutical purposes. The United States Pharmacopoeia states that USP Water for Injection can be used “as an excipient in the production of parenteral and other preparations where product endotoxin levels must be controlled and in other pharmaceutical applications, such as cleaning of certain equipment and parenteral product-contact components.” USP Water for Injection can also be used:

  • In the processing, formulation and manufacture of pharmaceutical products
  • As active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs)
  • As analytical reagents
  • In certain cleaning applications

Please contact us to ensure that USP Purified Water is suitable for your intended use. ReAgent also supplies USP Purified Water.

It is important to note that neither USP Water for Injection nor USP Purified Water is sterile, and therefore are unsuitable for parenteral use. For parenteral use, USP Sterile Water for Injection is required.


Supplying USP Water for Injection

Reputable USP Water for Injection suppliers should be accredited to certain quality and environmental standards such as ISO 9001 Quality Management System and ISO 14001 Environmental Management System.

These types of accreditations both ensure product quality and help to reduce negative environmental impact. ReAgent is accredited to these standards and we have over 40 years’ experience in the chemical industry. We are also a certified Investor in People.

We welcome audits from existing and new customers on our USP Water for Injection and the processes we use. At ReAgent, we test our USP Water for Injection in-house, with microbiological testing performed by a third party.


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