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How is Immersion Oil Used?

Immersion oils are used in light microscopy to increase the magnification power of lenses, as well as the overall resolution and numerical aperture of the final image.

In light microscopy, most microscope slides have a refractive index of around 1.5. In comparison, the refractive index of the air is 1.0. This incongruity means that the light that passes through the slides will be refracted and scattered through the air, and the rays will be lost to the final image.

Immersion oil, on the other hand, has an incredibly similar refractive index to glass at approximately 1.515. Therefore, by adding an immersion oil in the space that is usually filled with air, the refractive mismatch will be corrected.

Using immersion oil will direct more light through the objective because fewer rays will be refracted or scattered in the air. This will improve the resolution of the final image and increase the light-gathering properties of the optical components of the microscope (known as the numerical aperture).

Types of Immersion Oil

In general, there are two types of immersion oil that can be used in microscopy:

  • Cedar Wood Oil: this used to be the preferred product to use before synthetic alternatives became readily available. However, cedarwood oil is able to corrode parts of the microscope if it isn’t cleaned correctly. It can also absorb the ultraviolet and blue range of the light spectrum and turns yellow over time.
  • Synthetic Oils: modern day synthetic oils are specifically designed not to discolour over time. They are also relatively inert and are now the most widely manufactured immersion oils available

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