EDTA (Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid)




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We supply EDTA 0.1M in 2.5L containers with discounts available for orders over 4 items. In addition, we also offer further options, such as specific pack sizes or personalised labelling. Simply contact us for more information or free technical advice.


Medical and Research Uses for EDTA

This compound is not only used in many different industrial applications but it’s also a vital ingredient in multiple medical and research uses, including:

  • Used intravenously to treat poisoning with toxic ions, such as lead, mercury, chromium, zinc, nickel, cobalt, arsenic and thallium. Taking advantage of EDTA’s chelating properties, the goal of the treatment is to render any toxic ions present in the body completely inactive and therefore harmless. Eventually the complex [toxic ion:EDTA] can be safely excreted through the urine
  • Following the same principle, EDTA is also applied when digoxin – a medication used for some cardiovascular conditions – is used in excess. In this case, EDTA is able to trap unused ions in the circulation
  • In the lab, EDTA’s sequestering abilities are put to use in several molecular biology assays, when deactivation of certain metal-dependent enzymes is essential. It’s also used in cell culture methods to prevent cells clumping together in suspension, or to remove cells grown in a petri dish before analysis
  • EDTA is also a valuable ingredient in the analysis of water hardness to chelate metals that may otherwise interfere with the results


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What is EDTA?

EDTA (ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid) is an aminopolycarboxylic acid that appears as a colourless and water-soluble solid. This compound can also be produced as different forms of salt, such as disodium EDTA, calcium EDTA and tetrasodium EDTA.

Although it is used in multiple applications, from buffer solutions to additives and water testing, the most important use of EDTA is as a chelating agent. This is because it has the ability to bind several polyvalent cations, like calcium or iron. For example, in the textile industry, it is used to prevent impurities (mostly in the form of metal ions) from modifying the final colours of the products.

Similarly, in the paper industry, the use of EDTA inhibits the activity of metal ions from promoting the disproportionation of hydrogen peroxide, which would have serious consequences during bleaching. Finally, this metal-buddy compound is also a common ingredient in many soaps and detergents, forming complexes with calcium and magnesium in order to stop its interference with the cleaning process.

Safety Issues

In its pure form, ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid is classed as an irritant, particularly to the eyes. However, diluted solutions are less dangerous, making this compound very appealing as it can inactivate metal ions in a relatively safe manner compared to stronger acids that are also capable of dissolving metals.

Nevertheless, it is still vital that all those handling EDTA do so safely by consulting the MSDS Sheet, which is available to download from our website, and by using appropriate PPE (Personal Protective Equipment).

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