Chemistry Education

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The Best Chemistry Graduate Schemes in the UK

Graduate schemes for those who have earned a chemistry degree are excellent ways to learn on the job. The best chemistry graduate schemes are generally entry-level jobs that include training on different aspects of company operations, so you get a well-rounded overview and experience of different aspects of work. There are a number of companies […]

Where to Study Chemistry in the UK

Opting to study chemistry and following it as your career path can in itself be a challenging life decision, but it’s also a rewarding one. Those who have a chemistry-related degree can, for instance, work in fossil industries, medical fields, research, and education, amongst many more.  But, in the UK, choosing where to take your […]

What Can You Do With A Chemistry Degree?

A good chemistry degree can provide you with a great future and a wide range of career choices, from academia to industry. Chemistry degree holders are among the most sought-after professionals in industry, simply because there are so few who choose chemistry as a career. In the UK, the annual average income of new chemistry […]

A good chemistry education opens diverse opportunities to pursue a variety of career paths. Use our chemistry education resources to find out the best places to study chemistry in the UK, what you can do with a chemistry degree, where to find the best chemistry graduate schemes, and more.