Cerium Sulphate 0.1M

Cerium Sulphate 0.1M



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Properties of Cerium (IV) Sulphate

Cerium (IV) sulphate is an inorganic compound with the formula Ce(SO4)2. It appears as characteristically bright yellow crystals and naturally occurs in several hydrated forms.

Also known as ceric sulfate, this compound is closely related to ammonium cerium (IV) sulfate which appears as a similar orange-coloured powder. Like ammonium cerium (IV) sulfate, Ce(SO4)2 is a strong oxidiser and is mildly soluble in an acidic solution, such as sulphuric acid.

It’s also partially soluble in small amounts of water, but hydrolyses in large volumes. If left in solution, it slowly decomposes to cerium oxide (CeO2).


Cerium (IV) sulphate can be involved in various types of reactions, particularly as a strong oxidiser. This property is particularly evident under acidic conditions.

For example, in the presence of hydrochloric acid, it produces elemental chlorine and is converted to a cerous compound (ce3 ). In this case, the solution becomes colourless. For this reason, cerium sulfate is commonly used in analytical chemistry for redox titrations.

Environmental Toxicity

This compound can be potentially dangerous to aquatic life as it may dramatically change the pH of water.

It should not be allowed to enter natural water sources, soil or drinking water. Cerium sulphate must be disposed of following appropriate legislation.

ReAgent is accredited to the ISO 14001 Environment Standard and take great pride in our ongoing commitment to the environment.

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