Ammonia Solutions (NH4OH)

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Ammonia Solution Tech 0.88 SG



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Why Buy Ammonia Solution Tech 0.88 SG from ReAgent?

We supply ammonia solution tech 0.88SG in 25 L containers and 200 L drums, with discounts available for bulk orders. ReAgent has been a strong presence in the chemical manufacture market for over 40 years, building an enviable reputation for high-quality industrial chemicals and first class service.

Chemical Properties

Ammonia (NH3) is a colourless gas with a sharp and pungent odour, characteristic of drying urine. It can be highly corrosive, particularly to copper and galvanised surfaces.

It easily forms a solution when mixed with water, due to strong hydrogen bonding. In solution, the boiling point is -33°C and melting point is -77°C. The characteristic odour can be masked by adding sodium bicarbonate or acetic acid, to form an odourless ammonium salt.

When in solution, ammonia is miscible with a wide variety of solvents, including alcohol, chloroform, ether and water. The maximum concentration of ammonia in water (giving a saturated solution) is 33% ammonia, with a density of 0.88 g/cm 3. This is known as 0.88 SG.

Mixed with oxygen, ammonia gives a yellow/green flame, and at high temperature it can be decomposed to its individual components, nitrogen and hydrogen.

Ignition can occur in the presence of chlorine, to form nitrogen and hydrogen chloride. Under certain circumstances, the explosive nitrogen thrichloride (NCl3) can be formed.

Is Ammonia a Base or an Acid?

Ammonia is generally considered a weak base, and can easily combine with strong acids to form salts containing the NH4 ion. For example, with nitric acid, it forms ammonium nitrate and with hydrochloric acid it form ammonium chloride.

NH3 + HNO3 → NH4NO3

NH3 + HCl → NH4Cl

However, ammonia can also behave as a weak acid and react with stronger bases. In this case, it forms amides containing the NH2– ion. Lithium, for example, produces a lithium amide in liquid ammonia.

2Li 2NH3 → 2 LiNH2 + H2


We Supply a Wide Range of Clients

We are a chemical manufacturers based in the UK, supplying many different clients, from small industries to well-known names in power generation, pharmaceuticals or environmental sciences.

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MSDS Files

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Buy Ammonia Solutions From Trusted Suppliers

ReAgent can supply a wide range of ammonia solutions with discounts available for bulk buyers. Our most popular ammonia solution is ammonia solution Tech 0.88 SG (specific gravity).

However, we also offer AR 0.89 and 0.91 SG, as well as ammonia solution LRG 0.89 and 0.91 SG and ammonia solution 8% w/w LRG. All our products come with a 100% quality guarantee and are usually shipped within 24 hours.

Because the specific gravity of ammonia solutions decreases as the concentration of ammonia dissolved increases, we also supply ammonia products with varying specific gravity. Our products with a specific gravity of around 0.91, for example, have about 25% NH3, while those with a lower specific gravity of 0.89 have about 33% NH3.

Properties of Ammonia

Ammonia solutions are solutions of dissolved ammonia salts. They are common in many applications, from household cleaning products to inorganic analysis in the lab. They are also sometimes known as ammonium hydroxide, ammonical liquor, aqueous ammonia or ammonia water.
  • Appearance: Liquid
  • Formula: NH4OH
  • Boiling point (°C): 36 (30% solution)
  • Melting point (°C): Below -70
  • Relative density: 0.88-0.91
  • CAS No.: 1336-21-6

Ammonia solutions are suited to a range of industries. The main uses for ammonia solution often include:
  • Cleaning, bleaching or deodorising
  • Etching aluminium
  • Hydrolysis of oils and fats
  • Chemical manufacturing.

Ammonia Solution: Hazards

Ammonia is a corrosive substance and may cause burns on the skin. It has also been known to cause respiratory irritation and is extremely toxic to aquatic life.

For full details of the hazards of ammonia solutions and how to carry out a full risk assessment during usage, please refer to the downloadable MSDS file to the right of this page.

Buy Ammonia Solutions in the UK 

Buy your top-grade ammonia solution right here from ReAgent, where our online shop caters to a variety of sizes and packaging options. With over 40 years of experience and an expert sales team you can speak with, what's stopping you?